Weights of Catagories

10% Homework

20% Participation

30 % In Class Assignments

​40% Assessments 

Goudy's Grading Scale

A 100 - 90

B   89 - 80

C   79 - 70

D  69 - 60

F    59

M missing (default 50)

Social Studies

Social and Emotional Learning

Scholastic News Articles

Speaking and Listening

Partner Collaborations in Daily ​Mixed Centers 

Small Group Discussion

Vocabulary Workshop


Writer's Workshop Activities

Daily Journal Participation

Spelling Tests

Fundations Phonics Tests

​Perfect Sentence Homework


STEM Challenges

Group Collaboration

Science Journal

Scholastic News


​Dibles Reading Score

Reader's Workshop Activities

Sight Word Mastery

Book Report

Read Every Day Folder

Independent Reading

Partner Reading

Small Group Reading


Main Office: (773) 534 - 2480

5120 N. Winthrop Chicago, IL. 60640



Chapter Tests

Hands on Class Activites

IXL Assignments

Math Talks on the Rug 

Daily Math Homework